Friday, November 21, 2014

Inspiring, Easy and Fun DIY Lights ideas

Many inspiring ,easy, and fun diy lights ideas included here. DIY lights. Different cute and awesome ideas to make lights using recycled materials.

Paper Cup Chandelier

Wine Bottle Lights

Colorful Paper Lanterns 

Soda tab Chandelier

Rose petal Night Light

String Lights

Newspaper Light

Old CD Lights

Paper Cup Chandelier

Plastic water bottle lights

Plastic Water Bottle Chandelier

Snowman tea light ornament

Water bottle Chandelier

Another water bottle light

Mason Jar Prism Light

Another Cute idea of water bottle Chandelier

Tin Can Lantern

Plastic bottle cap Chandelier

Glitter Light bulbs

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

Cardboard Chandelier

Wine Glass Lights

Paper Bat Lights

Cupcake Liner Flower Lights

Plastic Water bottle Lamp

Milk Jug Night Lights

Paper Glass Lights

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